Leak detection by
Multi Spectral Correlation

Aquarius’ Multi Spectral Correlation automatically calculates correlation at optimal frequency bands.


  • Highly sensitive
  • Accurate leak location – pinpointing leaks
  • Intensity estimation
  • Leak classification

Aquarius offers the best leak detection technology

Parameters Aquarius Spectrum – Correlating Sensors Noise Loggers
Technology Requires time synchronization of all the sensors
Requires transmitting the vibration recording for analysis on the server
Very simple technology
High Quality Sample Automatically records and sends 20 seconds of wave file to the server for analysis. The sound file can be downloaded and listened to. Requires a few seconds of compressed data – the outcome is mostly one number (the level of noise).
Detection Method Multi Spectral Correlation (Low false positive rate):
– 3-15 correlations are needed before alerting.
– Capable of detecting small leaks (below background noise).
Detection by Noise (High false positive rate):
– Only one noise sample is needed before alerting.
– Capable of detecting only high noises which are above the background noise.
Spacing Large distance between sensors (1,000 ft / 330 m) Shorter distance between loggers (500 ft /150 m )
Leak Location Up to 10 ft / 3 m deviation Provides a wide radius that requires a field team with mobile correlators for pinpointing
Installation Multiple choices: Aboveground and belowground Only one method
Material No limitation Does not support PE pipes, limited range with PVC pipes
Diameter No limitation (ACC up to 24” and hydrophones above 24”) Up to 12” pipes
Size of Leak Good estimation. Supports 0.5 mm leaks No estimation
Integration with Mobile sensors Seamless integration No integration