Advanced Mobile Leak Detection with Innovative Wireless Acoustic Sensor

The iQ100B is providing water professionals with a powerful tool that simplifies leak detection and contributes to water conservation efforts.

  • Effortless and Easy to Use Operation
  • Real-Time Data Streaming
  • Comprehensive Water Infrastructure Information
  • Field Worker Management and Monitoring
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Features and Benefits

    Automatic heat maps based
    on analysis of surveyed points
    Seamless Connectivity
    Surveys without cellular coverage
    Field Worker Management
    and Monitoring
    Long-lasting Rechargeable Battery
    Up to 5 days
    UL94-V0, CE, FCC, IP68

The iQ100B represents a significant advancement in field leak detection technology. The device can be comfortably worn around the neck with a wire, freeing up both hands for the operator to focus on essential tasks. Its seamless integration with an infrastructure map greatly enhances the user’s ability to navigate and execute precise measurements on any pipe within proximity of the leak detection apparatus.

Furthermore, the iQ100B’s capabilities extend to generating comprehensive work reports, allowing for the remote monitoring of field technician performance.

Additionally, it offers the functionality to download audio files for subsequent analysis in a more controlled office environment.”


Arkadi Gumirov, Leak Detection Expert and Field Engineer, Aquarius Spectrum

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Field Teams Advantages:

  • Intuitive LED Indicator: The iQ100B keeps users constantly informed of its operational status with a three-color-coded daylight visible RGB LED, ensuring that you are always in control of your leak detection process
  • Hands-Free Operation: Enhance your operational efficiency with the iQ100B’s hands-free operation. This feature allows users to focus on the survey without the inconvenience of handling the device continuously.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Offers Bluetooth connection for ease of use with devices and headphones.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: The iQ100B is adeptly designed to fit on-top of a listening stick or operate as a standalone unit with its mounting magnet, offering flexibility to suit various operational needs.
  • Superior Sound Quality: The iQ100B boasts a dramatic increase in sound quality, coupled with a precise +/-1dB matching between devices. Ensures superior recording quality with 8K and 5K options, capturing detailed acoustic data and unparalleled accuracy in detecting and analyzing leak sounds.
  • Distance Measurement and Map Updating: Equipped with a feature to measure distance and the ability to update maps, including creating piping accessories.
  • Acoustic Mapping: Features an acoustic map of the area, compiling all field recordings to assist in leak detection.
  • Noise Intensity Heat Mapping: Utilizes a color-coded intensity map to help leak detectors pinpoint the loudest spots in the field, facilitating accurate leak identification.
  • Extended Recording Capability: Allows up to 60 seconds of high-quality recording, saved in the cloud for review and analysis.
  • Optimal Weight Design: It is carefully weighted to ensure stability, preventing it from floating in water, which enhances its usability in different leak detection scenarios.

What’s Included

Everything You Need. Inside the box, you’ll find the:

  • iQ100B device
  • M4 eye bolt
  • Black lanyard
  • USB charging cable
  • Tripod
  • Listening stick with neodymium magnets for versatile use

Download Full Technical Brochure