Mobile Leak Detection

for Survey and Pinpointing

Another option to look for leaks is by periodic surveys performed by Aquarius Mobile solutions. Aquarius offers a variety of mobile products that can assist water utilities survey large areas in a fast and efficient way.


Introducing the iQ100B: Advanced Mobile Leak Detection with Innovative Wireless Acoustic Sensor

The iQ100B, Aquarius Spectrum’s latest innovation, is a testament to the company’s continuous pursuit of excellence in leak detection technology. The iQ100B, a cutting-edge mobile leak detection device is designed to streamline the process of identifying water leakages. Featuring a robust design that accommodates a listening stick and an attachment magnet, the iQ100B offers versatility and simplicity in every survey. Seamlessly connects to the AQS cloud via a user-friendly Android or iOS mobile application on your smartphone or tablet.

Designed together with water professionals, the iQ100B offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for leak detection. Aquarius Spectrum’s iQ100B is not just another leak detection tool; it’s a technological breakthrough designed to meet the demands of modern water management.

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The methodology is sending technicians out to the streets with Aquarius IQ100 units. Each technician can sample 300 data points per shift. The data points include: Hydrants, washouts, stop taps, boundary valves, customer meters and service pipes. The iQuarius system automatically analyzes the data and generates points of interests (POIs). A more experienced team of leak detection engineers is sent out to the POIs with IQ200 or IQ300 units to perform correlation. As a last verification a ground mic is being used on the correlation spot and X is marked on the ground.