Aquarius & PUB Case Study – Hydrophone and large diameter pipes solutions


Each night, at an exact predefined time, all the hydrophone sensors record the acoustic profile within the pipe and send the information to a cloud-based server for analysis using a wireless network and algorithms. The results are translated to system alerts including a detailed GIS map of identified leaks and their estimated size. A unique feature of the AQS monitoring system is an automatic correlation between every two measuring sensors, generating reliable and accurate results in a very short of time.


While the system is progressively being installed and the full evaluation of the benefits cannot be accurately determined as yet. However, leaks are progressively being located which allow for early intervention and reduce water loss. Thus far, 15 leaks have been located. Here are just two examples:

A washout valve started to leak through, discharging water into a closed drain. The system was able to locate it early and allow for early intervention. The leak was located near sensor #1:

Once the system identified the leak, an email with the leak location was generated and sent to the local service team Evergloss and to the managing partner STE to continue onsite investigation. At that point Evergloss, equipped with iQuarius mobile solution and a ground microphone went to the alert location and verified it exist.


A challenge for water utilities is to continually improve their efficiency in the water supply system by reducing water loss experienced in the system. Coupled with global warming and water scarcity, this challenge is exarcebated further. The costs of maintaining pipes that are worn out is high and sometimes require emergency work with higher costs. Water pipes erode unevenly due to environmental conditions, soil, loads and raw material. The ability to identify defective parts in the pipeline in order to replace them and prevent costly maintenance (bursts repairs), water losses and disturbances in the water supply is of great value both to the water corporation and the consumers.

Implementation of technology that provides extensive information on pipeline failures while being repairable or replaceable before damage to infrastructure can significantly save costs in general and water loss in particular. This is a long-term investment that also streamlines the maintenance and management of water assets in the corporation and also increases customer satisfaction while significantly reducing water breaks.