Mobile Sensors

Smartphone-Based Leak Detection for Easy Leak Surveys and Pinpointing

iQuarius™ is an innovative mobile leak detection solution. It transforms every smart phone into a sensitive and accurate leak detection device which can be easily used by non-experts leak detection team members.

Benefits to Water Utilities & leak detection teams

    Generates automatic heat
    maps based on analysis of
    surveyed points
    Easy correlation between
    two mobile devices
    300 samples per
    technician per day
    Real time management
    of large survey teams
    Organized management
    of a large amount of
    data at field work
    Data available to download
    for management decision
    anytime anywhere
    Monitors in all types
    and diameter pipes

The solution enables water utilities to:

  • Listen, survey and correlate suspected points using accurate synchronization GPS technology
  • Filter noise frequency & intensity for more accurate results
  • GIS representation of points listened, and correlated
  • Save data locally
  • Instantly upload all information to the cloud
  • Download information such as leak noise captured by sensor
  • Monitor as many leak detection teams as needed in real time


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Coming up soon – Advanced cordless iQ100 that communicate on Bluetooth and supports both Android and iOS platforms

  • Listening and survey capabilities
  • 1 Acoustic Sensor
  • No need to recharge sensor

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