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At Aquarius Spectrum, we’re transforming the way water utilities boost the resilience of their water networks by harnessing AI, big water data and advanced acoustic sensors. Our mission is clear: to conserve the world’s most precious resource.

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Everything we do is guided by three core principles:

Digital Water Transformation

Water running through pipes creates oceans of data. By using a combination of advanced acoustic sensors, AI and Machine Learning, we turn water “noise” into actionable insights that improve leak detection accuracy in distribution and transmission lines and enable operators to make better pipe replacement decisions. Water is going digital. We’re leading its transformation.

Sustainable Water Supply

As extreme water shortages rise, smart water conservation is vital. Aquarius’ innovative water network monitoring technologies enable water utilities to significantly reduce water loss and extend the efficiency and lifespan of their water distribution systems - preventing the nightmare of our cities’ taps running dry.

Resilient Water Networks

Every year, billions of gallons of water are lost due to aging water infrastructure. Toady water utilities can take significant steps to boost their infrastructure resilience by early detection of leaks and pipe failure, by harnessing Aquarius’ big data analytics, AI and state-of-the-art sensors.

Real time decision-making based on insight not guesswork.

Water is data. Data is insight. And insight gives you the eyes and ears of what’s happening in your distribution pipes so you can become the true guardian of your network. With Aquarius water network monitoring, water utilities can ensure water supply for thirsty populations, more sustainably and cost-effectively, at a greater scale than ever before.


Resilient water networks run on Aquarius Spectrum. Here’s why:


Our water leak detection solutions suitable for any topology (above or underground), all pipe materials and all sizes.


Our ultra-precise and powerful sensors can pinpoint leaks up to 3m deviation from large distance.


Our pipe condition assessment reports cover the entire network rather than section by section.


Our solutions find more leaks with less sensors while using advanced algorithms and communication.


From our incredibly user-friendly UI/UX to our full “person-in-the-loop” service, we never forget tech is supposed to serve people.

Cloud Based Server

Our cloud based server enable fast response and support to all of our customers all over the world.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Saved more than 10B Gallons of Water by now
  • Monitor more than 3,000Km each day
  • Reduce water loss >20% during the first 2 years

Act as the true guardians of your water network

When time and human resources are in short supply, we have your back. Aquarius customers benefit from first-class on-going technical and operational support, including data analysis from our expert team of analysts – so you can focus on your water network.

Pioneers of Innovative Water Leak Detection Sensors

Aquarius Spectrum is a recognized innovation leader in the field of multi-correlation sensors with 21 patents - 12 granted and 9 pending applications. We were the first company to launch Automatic daily correlation between sensors, leak size estimation and smartphone based leak detection and are leading the way in the development of next generation acoustic sensors with NB-IoT connectivity.


Established at the Kinrot incubator


First municipal fixed sensors project implemented in Netanya Municipality water system


First investment from Hutchinson Water and implementation at Hagihon (Jerusalem Municipality water system)


Aquarius sells hundreds of sensors to Suez New Jersey


Wins two pipe condition assessment projects and tender to monitor the leaks on all Israeli Army bases. Sells 400 mobile sensors in the United States and the United Kingdom


Wins first contract with American Water and additional orders from Suez in the US


Ramped up sales by 50%. First order from A2A (the largest water utility in Italy) and another $1M transaction with SUEZ US


Wins PUB tender in Singapore for monitoring their large diameter pipes. First purchase orders from Australia and New Zealand

Meet Our Leading Team

Naama Zeldis CEO

Naama Zeldis joined Aquarius in August 2020 as the company’s CEO, bringing with her more than 30 years of experience in finance & management roles as well as in-depth familiarity with the water and agriculture industries. Formerly, she has served in senior CFO positions in a variety of leading high-tech and industrial companies such as Radguard, EDS, Netafim and Tahal Group.


Danny Rosenbluth CBDO

Danny Rosenbluth joined Aquarius in 2022 as CBDO. He comes with a decade of experience in the water industry with a focus on water utilities. He has held sales and marketing positions for Aquestia (previously Dorot) since 2013. These included regional manager North American, regional manager of APAC, and product and segment manager for waterworks.
Danny has vast experience in the telecom infrastructure markets, construction and high-tech startups. He holds a BA in Economics and Logistics from Bar Ilan University.


David Solomon Founder & CTO

David Solomon is a serial entrepreneur and technology leader in the field of Big Data analysis, IOT, Machine Learning, signal processing and Acoustics. David has over 25 years of experience in research and development in military, medical and water industries. Formerly founder and CEO of EndoRhythm ltd and COO of WideMed ltd. David holds a BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Technion-Haifa.


Zohar Zerfaty COO

Zohar Zerfaty joined Aquarius in June 2017 as the company’s COO. He has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of operations, supply chain and engineering, including purchasing, NPI, production ramp up, standardization, regulations, QC, finance and integration. Prior to joining Aquarius, Zohar served as VP-Operations at Motorika medical, a leading robotic–assisted rehabilitation medical company.


Ohad Gal VP R&D

Ohad Gal joined Aquarius in January 2021, bringing with him 20 years of experience in business and engineering, alongside with technological and operational skills, specializing in multidisciplinary products, wireless and battery-operated sensors.
Prior to joining Aquarius, he served as the Head of R&D at Eltav Wireless Monitoring for 13 years.


Moran Mor VP Finance

Moran Mor joined Aquarius in April 2021. She is a certified public accountant with vast experience in all finance aspects including accounting, budgeting and cost control. Prior to joining Aquarius, she has served in senior Controller positions in a variety of leading companies such as Naaman Group Ltd. and Medison Pharma Ltd. Moran holds a B.A in business management specializing in accounting from the College of Management.


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