AQS is at the forefront of acoustic monitoring and leak detection solutions for potable water preservation, offering versatile solutions that cater to a wide range of needs. AQS is a company of Aliaxis Group. Present in 40+ countries, Aliaxis is a global leader in advanced fluid management solutions that enable access to water and energy.

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The market’s most advanced water network monitoring platform

From above and below-ground acoustic correlating sensors for leak detection to pioneering hydrophone technology for large transmission lines, AQS’s product portfolio is designed to enhance the full spectrum of water infrastructures (all pipe materials and sizes) and support utilities in proactive maintenance and operational efficiency. Our unique platform combines sensitive sensors powered by sophisticated algorithms, big data analytics, and advanced connectivity (CAT-M/NB-IoT).

Aquarius sensors take daily audio samples and send them to the cloud server for analysis. Correlation is then performed between every two coupled sensors and if the same noise is identified in the same location an alert is generated with the exact location of the leak.

Continuous Monitoring Fixed Leak Detection

for Continuous Pipe Monitoring

The most efficient way to find leaks and assess the condition of your pipes is by monitoring your network on a daily basis. By doing so you can catch leaks as they start to develop and long before they burst and create catastrophic breaks and costly damage.

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Survey and Mobile Leak Detection Mobile Leak Detection

for Survey and Pinpointing

Another option to look for leaks is by periodic surveys performed by Aquarius Mobile solutions. Aquarius offers a variety of mobile products that can assist water utilities survey large areas fast and efficiently.

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Dedicated Customer Success Team

AQS Human-as-a-Service model enhances our technological offerings with a personal touch. It goes beyond simply providing a product; it's a comprehensive service that includes ongoing human support, expertise, and system updates.

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The best UI, algorithms and hardware for accurate leak detection

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Advancing the digital water revolution

Big data and artificial intelligence are transforming the way the water sector safeguards our precious water resources. We’re leading the change.

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July 19, 2021 Aquarius Spectrum has launched a new analysis engine

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July 19, 2021 Aquarius Spectrum has launched a new analysis engine

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Aquarius collaborates with visionary market leaders

These sensors pick up a 0.5 GPM leak at the distances we have on these normal couplings at several hundred feet apart. That is incredible. I have found 15-20 private leaks insides houses from toilets and others. In most of those cases the meter didn’t pick up the flow. So far, we have not had an issue that I gave to our crew from this system that wasn’t correct within 6 ft.

Ric Owens, Water Conservation Specialist in Arlington Water Department, USA

As a veteran company in the water market, we are closely acquainted with the challenges of leakage and know quite a few technologies and solutions in this area. We are very glad with our decision to go with Aquarius' proven technology by which we achieved great immediate and accurate results in a short time. The Aquarius professional team also show great dedication and responsibility for our projects at all stages

Tullio Montagnoli, CEO of A2A Ciclo Idrico, Italy

We are excited and proud to be at the forefront of municipal water system technology. The Aquarius-Spectrum innovative leak detection system has proven its effectiveness in improving the maintenance of our water pipes network and is changing the way we manage our assets

Aharon Rosenberg, HaGihon's CTO, Israel

With the development of new technology, we decided to go with correlating loggers since they provide us addresses of the leaks, which the radio loggers did not… Small leaks were repaired at a cost of between $5,000 and $10,000 each - less expensive than if they had gone unrepaired until the leaks surfaced… Every single day with no water surfacing is a success,

Jack McNaughton, Manager System Maintenance, SUEZ New Jersey, USA

Within two weeks, 30 inexperienced resources were trained in the use of the iQuarius leakage technology across three different operational areas. All were out in the field collecting meaningful leakage data while the analytical interpretation of the data was performed off site by skilled leakage analysts.

Jonathan Adler, Commercial Director, Aqualolgic WC, UK

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