Under its new owner Aliaxis, the Israeli leak detection specialist Aquarius Spectrum is thinking big to meet the non-revenue water challenge. CEO Koen Verweyen shares the vision.

“We are building an ecosystem of likeminded partners, through start-ups and larger tech companies, to have a full solution approach to the challenges that the water utilities have today”

Benchmarking Success for Fixed-base Leak Detection Systems

Leaking water pipes are ubiquitous and increasing as the age of the underground linear assets increase. There are a number of techniques that utilities can use to detect leaks before they surface and can be repaired without causing catastrophic damage.

Aliaxis acquires Aquarius Spectrum

Aliaxis, a piping systems company, announced that it has acquired an acoustic leak detection company and plans to integrate it into a new division named Aliaxis Next.

Aliaxis acquires Aquarius Spectrum

Aliaxis SA, enabling access to water and energy through fluid management solutions, has announced the acquisition of Aquarius Spectrum, a unique provider of advanced acoustic water leak detection and pipe condition assessment solutions for water infrastructure.