Aquarius & Thames Water UK Case Study – Mobile Leak Detection


Hydro Save and Aqualogic teams surveyed its areas on daily basis. Each IQ team is made of 1 experienced leakage engineer and 3 experienced technicians. Each team has a designated data analyst filtering data and passing POI’s onto the leak engineers for detection and repair. An experienced analysist sifts through 000’s of samples simplifying and speeding up the POI follow up process.

  • Night shifts, 20:00 – 06:00 Hrs. 4 shifts per week.
  • Working in pairs.
  • Technicians use iQuarius 100 to systematically survey all the fittings within the targeted zone (Harvesting Leak Noise):
    • Stop taps/Services
    • Valves & Hydrants
    • Customer meters
  • Between 5 and 10 second samples taken and analyzed instantly.
  • 300 samples collected per person typically.
  • Information automatically synchronized with IQS system.
  • Data analyst reviews data checking relevant sound files.
  • Filtered POI’s distributed for follow up’s using iQuarius Dashboard
  • Experienced leakage engineers follow up all POI’s using iQ-300for correlation and submit to client for repair or follow up.